Sunday, April 22, 2012


Did you know that there are no beans in Beanie Babies? Instead, they contain PVC pellets. In 1998, TY company started using PE pellets instead. But neither are safe for dogs. So, if you are a shredder like me, your human needs to take out the pellets. Furriends, don't steal these toys with pellets in them and shred them. Be smart.
Lady performed surgery and took out the pelletS. She replaced them with some stuffing from my dead toys. Now, your human may also need to remove the eyeballs. I never eat the eyeballs. 
 Saturdays mean the neighborhood girls come over. Nan, Christy, and Tanya were here -my favorites!
 I got fussed at by the other girls for walking through their projects, so I hung out with Tanya. She never fusses at me. Maybe the girls should have paid more attention to Lady's lesson. They heard Esther's story. Lady gave them tips on how to act like a princess. Stuff like being kind, patient, helpful, minding your manners...I didn't pay much attention. I have my own tips:
1. Give the dog treats.
2. Scratch the dog.
3. Play games with the dog.
4. Give the dog treats.
5. Bring the dog toys.
Okay, so maybe my list is a bit different from Lady's. I bet Lorenza, Lily, and Nola know how to act like a princess. Maybe they will share their lists on their blogs!


  1. Your list is extremely appropriate! We should make it into a poster.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Your list sounds like a very important one for the girls to learn!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. So cute! Oh to have a dog's life.

    Ann Lawson

  4. Marley!
    I have never destroyed a toy! Hmmm.... I guess I am missing something very funny!
    Sure you have a super duper list!
    What I do best is to ignore everyone.... unless I see treats
    I make everyone do whatever I want.... unless I see treats...
    In those times.... the princess who lives inside me... goes away very fast!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. I dunno, maybe shredding is a guy thing. You're such a fashionista, you look like a princess. I am sure you are one and can demand many treats!

  6. Hehehehe, I likes your list! Actually, I LOOOOVES IT! Nows, I is a girl and I loves to rip my stuffies apart too...and I is far from a princess by da way.

    I didn't knows they was PVC pellets, dat is good to knows.


    1. Puddles, you quack me up!