Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dead Bunny Fun

Lady didn't want to go anywhere today. We invited Prabha, the Aunty from the Children's Home, to come for lunch. She loves cheese, too. Since the ladies yesterday didn't particularly like the cheese ball, Lady invited Prabha. Aunty works so hard keeping track of all 20 kids there at the Home. That's where I stay when Lady goes away and I can't go. I love Aunty. She makes me chappattis and eggs and meat! Lady made hot and sour potato soup, veggie sandwiches on masala bread, fresh fruit, and of course the cheese and crackers. I had carrots as well, and no soup.
We had a nice visit and guess what? The mailman brought us a package! It was from the Easter Bunny! He found Lady after all and she got jelly beans and chocolate! She was so happy, so I was happy for her.
After Aunty left, we played with my dead bunny. I killed one of the squeakers already.

 I'm winning

Very funny Lady, now get this thing off me!


  1. BOL. But you look cute wearing your Bunny!

  2. Hahaha :) Looks like fun! We have real bunnies in our yard, and get to chase them sometimes... but we never get to play like you did!
    Shelle, Milo and Dixie

    1. What's a yard? I've never had one.

  3. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Poor bunny....That is what I do to squirrels when I catch one. I have done 2 of them in this year. Not bragging, just telling you. Give Lady a big kiss for me.

    Buddy Boy

  4. BOL looks like you had fun
    Dachshund Nola

  5. Bein' strangled by a dead bunny is no fun! Good work getting that squeaker out. Must be all the cheese giving you strength.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. Good job Marley on killing the bunny squeeker. I'm happy to hear that the Easter Bunny finally found Lady. Yummy, yummy ~ Jelly Beans!

    Lily Belle

  7. A nice time at home with great company and yummy food!
    Good job with that bunny, Marley!
    Kisses and hugs