Thursday, March 15, 2012


Winter break is over, the kids are back in school, so here come the neighborhood moms! These are moms of the girls who come on Saturdays, plus friends. They all have daughters, but not all of them come on Saturdays. The ladies seemed happy to see me -nobody stepped on me or tripped over me. I did scare a few when I checked out the lingering aromas on their attire. And, I have a feet fetish for bare toes. I like to lick them. Sonya was the only one without socks, as it is still cold. She just giggled, but when I licked a few toes on Saturday, the girls freaked out.
I already knew today's story about Eve so I slept by the heater. Lady practiced telling some of the story in Hindi. The moms liked that, but still read it for themselves.
Sonya stayed and helped Lady clean up. There were a lot of dishes as Lady and the moms cooked. I had a soft pretzel. It was yummy! Warm, right out of the oven!  We were busy the rest of the day getting ready for Saturday's St. Patrick's Day party. I love parties! I am going to try to catch a leprechaun and make him give me his pot of bacon.
I'm under the table politely waiting for scraps.

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  1. Wow Marley, you are truly become one party animal (no pun intended.) Yet another great party at your house. I'm happy to hear that you had a good time and didn't get stepped on. I bet you got lot's of pet's by all the women there.

    Hope you find your pot of bacon.

    Lily Belle