Saturday, February 25, 2012


Lady says I seem droopy today. I took her out for her morning walk, and after taking care of business, I just didn't feel like walking home. So, I asked her to carry me.  I don't mean to worry her. This is what I did when my back was hurting. She scooped me up and carried me home. I usually want to play before I go to bed, but I just wasn't up to it. I let Lady win tug-o-war. She even had to fetch my toy. I just wanted to sit in her lap while she worked at the computer today.
I'll be perky tomorrow...maybe. 
Lady says we're going on a road trip Sunday, so I better perk up. We'll be gone about a week. We're going back to Apple Country. I went this time last year, too. I've been twice. We ride in a taxi for 8 or 9 hours but we stop and explore. I really like it there -so many more things to smell! It's pretty rustic though. The potty for lady is down the retractable ladder and outside. It's called an outhouse. She also calls it a squatty potty. And she has to take a bath with a bucket. They heat up some water for her on the stove. Lady doesn't mind. She loves it in Apple Country, too. It is so beautiful there. No monkeys, but lots of cows and goats. We're going to help the school we work with begin the new school year. Don't worry -I'll get Lady to take some photos, but you can just check back on my previous posts about Apple Country.

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  1. Hi Marley,
    I sure do hope you're back is feeling better REAL soon. You got to be in tip-top shape for your trip to Apple Country. That sure does sound like lot's of fun, fun, fun!!! Have some good sniff's for us. We look forward to reading all about your trip when you get home again.

    Tell Lady we said good luck with the squatty potty!

    Lily Belle