Friday, January 06, 2012

New Coat

Lady found me a new coat. Choices of color were limited. I would not have chosen purple!

 Okay, it's a little big, and a lot purple, but it's warm. It cost Lady $6.
This one fits perfectly (was made for me), is water resistant on the outside, and is navy and red -good colors for me. More masculine than purple. This one cost $43. And that's before shipping. 
On Lady's budget, I'll be happy with the purple one. I do have a variety of coats to wear. My raincoat is wearing out, though. Lady's going to look in New Delhi for a new one. The specialty shop in the big mall has some, but they are very expensive! She bought my old one in Hong Kong in 2004! Told ya it was getting old. 
Well, it didn't snow here today. It did snow higher up on the mountains. Lady took a couple of kids from the home on a hike to see the snow. Monkeys stole her chips. She thought Ashish was pulling on her leg, but it was a large monkey! They stole Pearly's bag with her coat and hat in it. A man had to retrieve it. They just wanted the chips. There are thousands of monkeys up on that mountain, and they can be quite aggressive. They steal stuff. 
I hope it doesn't snow. It gets all slushy and I don't like to go out in it.


  1. You look great in your jacket!
    Dachshund Nola

  2. Anonymous2:44 AM

    Marley.... Purple is my Lady's favorite color. I like the purple but am not sure about the shiny things on the coat. But... you cannot beat the price!

    My Lady is working on a new bulletin board at church. The topic will be Marley's New Year Eve's. Funny, but she had planned to use a purple background. What about that?

    It was very cold here Sunday and Monday. I stayed in the house those days. Yesterday the sun came out and I was able to lie out in the yard in the sun.

    Talk to you later.