Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Taking Care of Lady

Christy, Rev. Paul's 13 year-old daughter, came yesterday to take me out since Lady can't lift me. Her mom told her to stay here with us and take care of us. Rani came for awhile, to but only CHristy stayed the night. Christy loves me. Her mom brought us dinner.Lady had cabbage and mashed potatoes but Christy and I had chicken and rice! um! Christy is non-veg! Hallelujah! She will stay again tonight because Lady still can't lift me and she is moaning a lot. She coughed all night and woke me up several times. I was sleeping at her feet too close to the edge. She stretched out her legs and SWOOP! Off the bed I go -blankie and all. Woke her up. Woke me up! She had to scoop me up and help put me back on the bed. We left the heater on all night because of Lady's back and sickness. She feels much better today because she is taking meds for her cough and her back. She's been on the heating pad half the day. I think she overdid this morning. It's great having Christy to bring her things that I can't. And Christy does a better job of doing the dishes. I clean them up but then Lady just has to wash them with soap and VERY hot water!
Lady says I am such a good boy! I haven't been any trouble at all. Christy went ot pick up dinner. Hope we get chicken again!!!!


  1. Marley, you are such a good helper! You are doing all the right things so that Lady can get better faster. I'm glad to hear that Christy came and stayed the night to help out. And how lucky for you! Chicken... Yummy! Thank goodness you didn't get hurt falling out of the bed. I was dreaming the other morning and wasn't awake and I jumped out of the bed and landed with a BIG thump! It scared the dickens out of Mommy and Daddy. I don't think it woke me up 'cause Mommy picked me up and put me right back into the bed and I was immediately snoring. Yes, I said snoring. That's one of my dirty little secret's! Please don't tell anyone else that I snore, I would be embarassed. Mommy got an appointment for Daddy tomorrow morning with the Vet, I mean surgeon. They will pull his poor tooth out. Guess that means the Tooth Fairy will be stopping by for a visit. They do visit you when you're 61 don't they? I sure hope so for Daddy's sake. I've never seen the tooth fairy 'cause when I was a baby she came by when I was sleeping. I use to get treaties under my pillow when I lost my baby teeth. Anyways, Mommy said to tell you "you're right!" Things will work out and the list of things to do will get done and if they don't then so be it! She said that when we leave for Florida if the house isn't clean and dusted it don't matter. 'Cause when we come back in 4 months, the dust bunnies will still be here and they will have multiplied by then too! So she feels better for knowing that. Mommy is getting ready now to start her Christmas baking and I gotta help her in the kitchen. I'm gonna be on floor patrol today! Yeah for me.... Have a great day (or for you now it's night). Tell Lady we are sending her our good thoughts and prayers across the miles. Hugs, Lily Belle

  2. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Hi Marley, will be keeping you and Lady in prayer. So sorry to hear about her back and pray she will get better soon. I'm glad you were in your blankie when Lady accidentally pushed you off the bed. It cushioned the fall for you. Very glad you and Lady have such good friends to help you.