Friday, December 16, 2011

I Love Christmas

We had another Christmas party Tuesday for our weekly neighborhood ladies' group. I helped Lady by cleaning up dropped cookies and other food. Even grown humans are messy. No meat though. They are all vegetarians. 
Lady had them play a game where they unwrapped gifts. She had an extra one and put it beside her. Since everyone was opening gifts, I figured it was mine, so I opened it. I got a star ornament. Lady wouldn't let me chew it up. The ladies laughed. What? Last time Lady let me open gifts and help the baby open his. So, I figured that one was mine. Lady just thinks I am smart.
Lady had another party for a women's group but it was in another town. I helped her prepare all the stuff. Lady made some Christmas tree cookies to take and made some little bone shaped cookies for me! They are yummy. It's been so cold, Lady leaves me in the small room with my blankie, bed, toys, treats, and the heater! She got back at dinner time, so when I took her for her walk, we went by the dhabba and got rice, yellow dal, mixed veggies and chappattis. Yum!!
We have the neighborhood children's party tomorrow. They are real messy! Lady has been baking cakes and cookies for them. Mine are plain. So, maybe I get to open more presents tomorrow!!!

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  1. Hi Marley & Lady,
    Sure sounds like you have both been very busy getting ready for all these Christmas parties. I love your song, it is really catchy and Muffin and I will be singing it all day long. Mommy has been busy too with shopping, Dr's appt's, etc. But never too busy to give us lot's and lot's of loving! It is cold here in NY also, but still only a flurry or two these days. Mommy doesn't think we will have a white Christmas here. That's OK for us because then we have to put on our jackets when we go outside. I don't like wearing clothes. Muffin, she don't mind them. Muffin and I have been getting a lot of Christmas Cards. I think we have more than Mommy & Daddy. Only goes to show whose in charge over here (tee-hee-hee). We were glad to see your post today so that we know you and Lady are doing well!

    Lily Belle