Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lady's Back and We're Both Home!

Oh happy day! I was just hanging out on the balcony in the sunshine when who should come up the stairs! It's Lady! I was so happy! My legs weren't working real well, but I tried to do my happy dance. When we got home, I kept following her around everywhere. She finally had to crate me so I would rest and not drag my feet. I'm not crying.

In the arms of my mommy.
The little boys helped me get home. They hung around for awhile and played. It's Emman's birthday so Lady gave them all treats. They also wanted some of the Christmas cards Lady still had out. She didn't know she'd be gone so long!
Lady thinks I have lost weight, and she saw the sores on the tops of my hind feet where I've been dragging them. The left one is bad. Lady bought stuff to clean my wounds and wrap them up. She gave me a nice hot bath. I haven't had one in 65 days. She said I didn't smell my best. After my bath, she bundled me up in a warm towel and put me by the heater. Lady is not sure what to do. She said something about trying to get me wheels. When she was here and I was like this, she crated me and i improved, only to get worse again. PTL the cold weather is just about all gone. It is hitting low 60's now in the day, and cold at night. Beautiful!
More good news: Jerry is coming in tonight. She lived with us for six months. The family she lives with now is out of town. So she is coming to help Lady get our house back in order. Tomorrow is her birthday. Lady and I already decorated. The house is dirty but very festive. Lady brought me all kinds of treats. She also has a wrapped gift for me, but she didn't let me have it. maybe it's for Jerry.
I am all clean and bandaged up, ready to go to bed in my own bed with Lady, right where I belong.

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