Thursday, February 03, 2011

Hi Friends!

Lady called me again today! She misses me so much. I was so excited to hear her voice! My happy meter was going big time! Christy is helping me with the phone and my post. I'm fine. We hope the snow is finally over. The days have been warmer, so I enjoy my sunshine. The kids are still out of school, but some have to go back soon. Christy's mom, Aunty P. fell and broke her foot. She has a plaster cast on it, so I have been busy taking care of her. She just got it yesterday. She has been gone on a trip. Christy was supposed to go too, but she stayed when she found out I would stay at the Home.
I'm being a very good boy. They all love me here. My back is fine. I was in the most pain when the weather was coldest. It made me ache. I still stay near the heater, or in a sunbeam. Thanks for keeping up with me. My Lady can't come home for another month due to visa issues. She's in Thailand. She bought me many special treats and chew toys! I will enjoy them, but mostly I will enjoy my Lady when she comes home. She calls me a couple of times a week. I enjoy her calls, but then I go and mope by the door. Well, I better get back to taking care of Aunty!


  1. Anonymous12:11 AM


    Good news, bad news, huh?
    Your back is better and the pain is gone most of the time. But...Lady will be gone another month. We thank our Creator that you have friends who are willing to change their plans to take care of you.

    Take care and be a good doggie.
    Buddy Boy's mom

  2. Finebyme1:44 AM

    So lovely to hear your back is better.