Monday, December 13, 2010

Still Busy

Lady worked all day trying to get the guest room ready. She had to move a bed from the small room to the guest room and make a big bed like ours. Usually we let Bill and Rae stay in our room, but it is too cold. The guest room gets nice and warm. The electrician came last night and fixed the fried plugs. We could have heat last night! We gave our fuzzy blanket to Bill and Rae. That baby didn't come but she will be here for Christmas. Lady is so excited! She found a bed warmer she didn't know she had inherited. It was with the blankets. We had one in Ch!na. They are GREAT as long as you have power! You just put it under your sheet and plug it in! No more cold bed!
Cliff and Justin came for dinner to night as well. I had a big dinner! Of course I was on clean-up duty while lady cooked, so I had already had my appetizers. They guys really liked Lady's peanut butter fudge. I am not allowed to have any.
Last night the baby from downstairs came to visit. I make her laugh! Lady has baby toys for her. I wanted one of them, but got scolded. Okay already. Now I know they are for the babies.

Here are our downstairs neighbors. The baby really likes coming up to see me.
Here I am by my heater and on both of my blankets. The neighborhood girls came over for a story and crafts. They also made that fudge I mentioned. It's really easy. I watched. Take a 12 oz. jar of crunchy peanut butter, 1 1/2 cups of semisweet chocolate and put them in a microwaveable bowl. Heat for 1 minute then stir. Heat again for about 1 minute until melted. Stir in one can of sweetened condensed milk. Stir until smooth. Pour into a buttered 8 X 8 pan and chill till firm. We didn't even have to refrigerate ours. It got firm in an hour! Then just cut it up into little squares.
Here are some of the girls working on their craft at my dining table. The girl in pink is afraid of me, and if I come by her feet she either gets up or lifts them up. How can anybody be afraid of a little dog in a red coat?

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