Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Guests

We had an interesting bunch for dinner tonight: an Australian, an Indian, a Korean, and two Americans. Lady fed them (sort of) Italian food. I really like the Korean girl. She looks Chinese and reminds me of home. She also scratches me in the right spots.
So, I put myself to bed while Lady was getting ready for bed. She laughed and took my picture. I don't know why. Woke me up.
Here's a shot of that baby telling me good-bye.
So, I convinced Lady that I was better. She's still restricting my activity and making me rest my back -and stay warm. And, I get my feel-better pills, hidden in a piece of cheese. Like I don't know! I just like the cheese. Better than getting it shoved down my throat. Its just a little pill, and I only get half. Anyway, it does help me feel better.

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