Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My House Looks Bare

Suitcases are out again. I know what that means. We're going somewhere. I am relieved to see my stuff AND lady's stuff getting packed. She even stocked up on my expensive dog food. She packed all my clothes, blankets, towels, mats, and most of my toys. She left my new blue Scooby Doo out for me. She took everything off our walls. She says we're moving to the mountains. Yippee! I was born in the mountains. This lower elevation living is for the birds, who can fly away! I am so hot. I get my exercise by panting. Lady says we're leaving this city at 3:00 am because it will be cooler for me, and hopefully we will avoid heavy traffic in a big city we have to go through. We're hiring a car because it is too hot for little black dogs to travel in cargo on a train, and the airlines that flies there doesn't seem to take little dogs. Anyway, that is too expensive. I have flown enough. I love car travel. I don't get motion sick. Well, so far anyway.
Lady says it will take us all day. We'll be there in the late afternoon. The high temperature there is 28 degrees cooler today than the high here!
Mountains, here I come!

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