Saturday, March 20, 2010

Egg Tree

I've had a big day. I am exhausted! I got Lady up at 6:15 for our walk. This morning, we took treats, both veg and nonveg (that means it has meat products in it) treats. It worked, I think. They still barked but ate the treats and didn't follow me. The black street dog really scared me. I admit I cried out. If you had been bitten four times, you'd be a bit nervous, too! But I did make a new friend. She is a street dog and very friendly. Lady doesn't like me to get so close because street dogs aren't inoculated, and they might have fleas! She doesn't want fleas in the house. I sleep with her at the foot of the bed. I did not want to go back in tonight. I wanted to stay out with my new friend.
I helped Lady clean house for our guests tonight. When humans come over, they remove their shoes, so you want the floor to be clean. I am supposed to stay put when she mops, but I didn't. She had to redo some places. Tonight was American Idol night, so Lady invited our friends from Wednesday night over. The short ones helped Lady decorate her egg tree. She does it every year for Resurrection Day. The paper eggs explain the meanings of the Christian symbols. The eggs and bunnies are from Germany and China. We use whatever we can find for our tree. We went to the flower stand where we bought flowers for our friends Wed. night. We bought the stand and sticks. The tall humans ordered the pizzas. I am so full! I am also uncomfortable. Before they came, I cried when Lady picked me up. I've been trying to tell her I am tender, but she can't figure out what's hurt. I first told her in our old city when I first saw her. She says if I don't feel better she will take me back to the white coats! I am tender in my lower abdomen. I cry if she picks me up and touches me there -but not all the time. Maybe it's gas. If it is, Lady will know tonight! Mine is hard to ignore.
Guess what? The daddy of the short humans said I could go to there house for a sleepover! Yippeee! I think he likes me! I'll pack my Easter basket, just in case the bunny comes there.
Who do I like on American Idol? None of them. I like instrumental music.
Here's my Egg Tree.

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