Monday, March 22, 2010

Back to the Vet

Well, I was feeling much better after the injections, but this evening, I cried again when Lady lifted me into the auto rickshaw. I like riding in the autos, as we call them for short. Our driver was nice, and offered to wait for us. There was a big golden retriever, a min pin, TWO fat wienie dogs the same color as me, a beagle, and a pair of pugs. Wow. Popular place! They were eyeing my special harness Mo and Hu gave me. Even the vet was impressed. He said I must have gotten it outside of India. He said a harness was much better for my back than a collar. He gave me two more injections. I got muzzled again. The second shot hurt and maybe a cried a little. He also gave Lady three prescriptions to get filled. I have another appointment on Wednesday. He said to continue the hot compresses. He gave me a sample of the dog food he wants me to try. Lady mixed a little in with my regular chow. The first ingredient is corn, which is not good. It should be beef.
We're having company tomorrow night. I helped lady peel potatoes. Okay, so I just supervised.
We didn't have any trouble with street dogs tonight! Hope it stays that way.

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