Thursday, November 22, 2007

Counting My Blessings

It's Thanksgiving Day and Lady says I should count my blessings. As we took our walk this morning, I noticed the street dogs I usually try to ignore. They were sleeping in the streets, in dirty holes by the road, and in garbage piles. A mama dog Lady feeds (some of my dogfood) is already searching for food. Her ribs poke out of her skin. She looks so tired. I am so thankful I have a nice home, a huge bed, Lady to take care of me, filtered water, good food (even though Lady doesn't give me enough meat to suit my fancy), lots of friends, toys, a rug, my own chair, and coat to wear on cold mornings. I see the street dogs shivering in the cool air. They are scratching. I am thankful Lady puts that strong medicine on my back to keep the fleas from multiplying. I am thankful for my chair, from where I can survey the street and all who come and go, including the water buffalo. I am thankful for the medicine Lady shoves down my throat when I have a cold. I am already feeling better. I had a fever and I was sneezing. When the street dogs get sick, they die. Just last week the little white puppy got sick and died. Yes, I have many blessings. I know I will be fed and taken care of. I know where to find clean water. Lady is always telling me to be sweet to the street dogs and not bark at them. They can't help being poor. And when she gives some of my treats and food to the poor, I shouldn't try to snatch it back.
May God richly bless my readers this day, and may you count your blessings. It's hard to be grumpy when you're thankful!

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