Thursday, December 21, 2006

At the teahouse last night, Maureen (Canadian), Joe, Belle, Claude, Jenny, Katrina, Goldie, Julia, and Nancy all came to chat with my guests from America. Yes, it's cold, so I am sporting my warm silk coat. Lady, John and I went to the market this morning to buy fruit. I got my designer sweater all muddy, not to mention the rest of me! So, you guessed it-Lady plopped me right in the tub! Well, at least I am nice and clean, and smell good for all our special events. My guests are going to be very busy, but today wasn't so bad. Lady made them scrambled eggs, banana nut muffins, and fresh fruit salad. If you want to keep up with my world through the eyes of my American University guests, keep checking my blog! Posted by Picasa

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