Thursday, December 14, 2006

Are you ready for Christmas? I am. It is cold, so I have on my warm silk jacket. Maureen said that I don't know I am a dog, that I think I am a boy. That's ridiculous! Of course I know I am a dog! I know the difference. Humans obsess over clothing and their hair, collect too much stuff, insist on going into little rooms behind closed doors to teetee, depend on words to communicate, and often don't communicate what they really think, are too busy to smell the good stuff or just lie in a sunbeam and enjoy its warmth. They don't walk enough and are such picky eaters. They have to use utensils. They've forgotten that sometimes, just their presence and a warm touch is enough to communicate compassion and understanding. Humans need us dogs to remind them. Yes, I know I am a dog. I like my life. I love my human and her friends. More humans are going to come visit me from America for Christmas. And I will be a good host and take care of them.  Posted by Picasa

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