Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Day

In the states, the first Thursday of November is Election Day. That is something that doesn't occur in my country. Our Canadian friend asked Goldie about elections in China. Lady tried to warn Maureen, but not in time. "We have no elections. The CPC runs the government and makes the choices for us. We do not have that freedom."Lady received her absentee ballot in the mail, but not in time to mail it in. Fortunately, she could fax it in and let her vote count. We went across the street to a business office to let Lady exercise her right as a citizen. But, they didn't have an international phone line, so, we had to go to the international hotel so Lady could vote! She was excited. I really don't know why, but she was. Lady feels it is important to exercise her right to have a say in the governing of her country. She believes all eligible citizens should vote. Lady had to do some research to understand the issues.
In her classroom, Lady asked her students to vote on two choices she gave them. The students would raise their hands more than once or not at all. She finally had to ask them one by one. It is not something they are used to doing.
I like to vote! I may be Chinese, but I have an American human. I vote for immunized little dogs on leashes to be allowed in public places!
I vote for meat instead of vegetables.
I vote for warm, soft places to lie down on.
I vote for children to behave as well as little dogs on leashes.
I vote for immunizations that don't hurt.
Lady is thankful for the right to vote, and at the same time, the freedom to choose to live in China. I for one, and glad she chooses to live here!

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