Saturday, October 14, 2006

White Bags With White Boxes

Every time Lady comes home I greet her enthusiastically and begin to check any bags she might have brought home. The white bags with the white boxes are the best. The contain food! I can smell them out very quickly. Lady's meat-eating friends send me rice mixed with pork, beef, or occasionally chicken from the restaurants. Sometimes Lady lets me eat straight from the box, but most of the time she mixes in my dog chow. "You must get your vitamins and minerals, " she says. I'm a Pedigree Dog Chow dog. It's the only brand we can get in our city. SOmetimes Lady buys me another expensive special brand in the capital city, but it's all the same to me as long as it is different colors. I don't like the one-color stuff. Yuck.
Sometimes Lady brings home white bags with other stuff inside. I inspect them all. Yesterday, for example, I found a whole package of chicken dogs! But Lady snatched them away before I could dig in. I also found a new "Mickey Mouse" toy. I knew that was for me so I helped myself. I set to work immediately. Last night, Mickey was a little less fluffy, his stuffing decorating the living room floor, our bedroom floor, and inside our big bed. I hide under the blanket when Lady finds all the stuffing everywhere.
My fuzzy blanket disappeared. All that's left is one strip that says "Winnie the Dooh." I've been dragging around my old "Pooh" blanket around, and leaving yellow fluff everywhere. Lady says I am getting a new blanket very soon.
Rachel came over to visit me last night. She is younger than all the other teachers because she hasn't finished college yet. She helped Lady cook yesterday. Lady made apple pie. I got some crust. She also made spaghetti sauce, a lasagna, and spinach and cheese ravioli. She and Rachel had ravioli, snow peas, and apple pie for dinner. I had chicken dog a la dog chow, and a bacon Beggin' Strip for dessert! Tom brought them to me!
It was cold when we walked Rachel to the bus stop, so I wore my Pooh coat. It's been raining for the last two weeks straight! You'd think folks had never seen such a sight! The neighbors have seen me, but people at the restaurant have not. They made a lot of comments about me. I just ignore them and keep walking. Lady just smiles. I am ALWAYS in a harness when I leave my home so that I can keep control of Lady and lead her where I want to go. If I don't, some of these people might try to snatch me away from my Lady. I can tell you, I wouldn't make it easy for them! I don't even let friends pick me up, and I won't willingly go with anyone unless Lady sends me. After all, I am just a little dog, and I love my Lady.

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