Monday, October 16, 2006

Another Shot in the Hiney

I knew where we were going but I couldn't do anything about it, except wail loudly. The WHite COat greeted me warmly and called me by my Chinese name, Ma Li, but I didn't care. There were two other poor suckers in the office getting stuck. One was on an IV drip. Lady and i both hate that. I do not do well on an IV drip. I was due for my distemper shot today. I did not want to have any part of it and I let it be known. I growled at the White Coat and snapped in his direction. No, I didn't bite him. I am not allowed to bite him, but I sure thought about it. Lady keeps telling me it is for my own good. Yeah, right. She tried to bribe me with beggin' bacon strips, but I was moved. SHe held me so tightly as he stuck my rear. I cried. Yeah. Only one today. Okay, ate the bacon. Lady says I have to go back next month to have another rabies shot. The WHite Coat said I wasn't due for two more years, but Lady isn't taking any chances. I'm still hot, and can't go out much outside of my 'hood. Of course, I am rather famous since I have been on TV three times.
I sure am glad the rains have stopped. We had two solid weeks of rain. I got so muddy! I don't like to go out in the rain, so sometimes I made Lady pick me up! She doesn't mind. After all, I am just a little dog!

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