Friday, September 01, 2006

To Market To Market

Hooray! Lady finally took me back to the market! We both love going to the market. Lady loves the endless variety of fruits and vegetables, the colorful people, most of the smells, and glimpses of life here. I love the meat aisle, all the smells, and the careless people who drop things on the ground. I'm not sure when I'll get to go back again, however. There was a little incident with a crate of garlic. Well? I'm a dog. What do you expect? It's a good thing for me that Lady likes garlic. She made lasagne today. I don't get any.
It was so hot today hat Lady and I came back and plopped down in front of the fan! Then she baked three loaves of banana bread. I didn't get any.
Lady is pooped from standing on her feet for hours teaching her classes, but I think she had a good week. She loves her students, and I know she loves me. I do what I can to help her prepare for her classes. I check out her bag and make sure there's nothing in there that shouldn't, a sausage or a cookie.
September 1 is the traditional day that school begins in China. There were many opening ceremonies held today, but most will begin their classes on Monday. And some have already been in classes! I guess I won't be going back to the kindergarten this year, and I'm not old enough to go to college, so that leaves home school! Jeremiah will be here tomorrow morning for his lesson. I try to listen to the lessons, but mostly, I hide.
Lady and I took a long walk through the rice paddies and the fields the other day. The rice is getting heavy and the once green fields are turning yellow. Vines were heavy with different kinds of squash. The eggplants were a shiney purple. The corn towers over Lady's head, and the huge cabbage heads were being attacked by caterpillars. Farmers carried water in buckets hanging from bamboo poles balanced across their shoulders. I am not allowed to talk about the other stuff they scooped up and poured over their plants. I am not allowed to sniff it, either.
We like to walk amont the crops and through the villages, even though I always come home so dirty! Uh, oh... looks like I may get shampooed again!

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