Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I saw it coming. I know the way. I know what goes on in that place. I may be just a little dog but I do remember what goes on in that joint, as recently as last week. One little yappy dog was crying his head off. From the back room, another little fellow was howling. My friend who never sticks me greeted me warmly, then left. She said she had some things to do. While I was waiting, I coughed up some blanket I had chewed -natural consequence of eating my blanket. The White Coat heard me. Uh-oh. Now he had to make sure I didn't have a fever, and Lady didn't bring the digital thermometer! Oh, the humiliation of it all. Here he came, talking all sweet and nice all the while bearing the three needles to stick me with! Well, I was having none of that! It hurt! I let it be known to all around that it hurt, and thatI wouldn't sit for it. That got me a collar placed around my neck. I STILL let it be known that it HURT. I know my Lady felt bad for me, but I just wouldn't hold still. The White Coat had to stick me seven times to finish giving me what I needed to clear up my Buffalo Mange. I heard him tell Lady to being me back next week. Fat chance! It's going to take a lot of treats to get me back there. Either that or a very short memory. The White Coat asked Lady and I to be on a TV program about dogs and their humans. We agreed. Lady will speak for us and give our ideas on how to keep little doggies safe in our city. We don't want what happened in another city to happen here. 50,000 dogs lost their lives. Almost that many humans lost their good friends. This will be my third time to be on a TV program, and Lady's fifth. A local channel did a documentary on us earlier this year. We're unusual. People are curious about us. We don't mind -most of the time.
Even with all the sticks, I wasn't so sore this time around. I could climb the stairs on my own. Still, Lady gave me extra attention. I gave her extra attention yesterday, as she was experiencing her own kind of pain. I licked her tears. She says I am a reminder of how much God loves her because I am His gift to her. Once, shortly after she moved into our apartment, she told God how lonely it could get here, and how nice it would be to have someone welcome her home and keep her company. She told God she would like to have a black and tan Dobermann Pincher, but as she lived in an apartment, maybe He should make it a black and tan dachshund. She didn't know how unusual black and tan dachshunds were here. She didn't tell anyone else. It is enough to tell God, and trust Him to give His best for us. Well, about a week later, a friend called from another city and told Lady about a little dog that needed a new home. Lady quickly asked what kind, and then what color. God had heard her cry. That little dog was ME over two years ago! I am glad to be a reminder for Lady of how much God loves her and cares about her. He will get her through this rough time as well. And I will be right beside her!

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