Friday, August 25, 2006

Just Lady and Me

It seems as if we have had a houseful all summer. Lady liked having the summer teachers here, and then Amy, Kristin and the rest. But on Monday afternoon, Lady and Kristin took a plane back to Kristin's city. I went to visit Betty. Soon she was right back home. Wednesday, we went to dinner with our English Corner crowd to send blessings with Jerry as he returns to his city. His wife, Jane, is due to deliver twins next week. Jerry said that in China, boy/girl twins are considered an extra special blessing. Lady and her friends wrote blessings on cards, and also words of advice!
I got in a fight last Sunday. This long-haired yappy-dog got in my face. His human didn't have him in a harness. Jenny was holding my leash, but Lady had to take over. I got a hold of a mouthful of hair on his neck and wouldn't let go. Lady yanked hard and lifted me off the ground, but I held tight. She was yelling at me. She finally pulled me off, and the old man picked up his dog and walked away. Lady checked me over. The other dog had scratched my eye and it was red, but I'm okay. I got a time-out until I calmed down. Bet that dog doesn't mess with me again. Sunday night, the twins and Michael came over to get Lady and Kristin. They all put on orange shirts and went to a military concert. I stayed home. Lady said the concert was awesome. She took photos of course, so I will post some.
Lady's got a cold. I'm taking care of her though. She's been busy with meetings about school stuff, and another group of teachers coming for National Day. We hung out and watched TV shows today. I made sure Lady got outside in the sunshine this morning, and in the cool of the evening.
Betty sent me home with a new toy. I loved the stuffin's out of it.
I checked my mail, but no messages.

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