Wednesday, August 02, 2006

House Guests

Our house guests from another province are still here. Lady can only communicate well with Amy. She says it is good language practice for her, but they speak a local dialect of their province. They sometimes don't understand the local dialect here! Amy and Kristin speak common Chinese, so our friends understand them.
I had to go back to see the White Coats today Lady was all upset about the news reports from a county not terribly far from here. I don't know hwat a slaughter is, but htat's what Lady said happened to 50,000 dogs in a rural area because three humans died of rabies. Now, I have had my vaccination. It was the worst of all. Lady had to carry me up and down the stairs for two and a half days. I cried hard! Lady asked the White Coats if we were in danger here. He said there wasn't a problem in the capital city and there wasn't one here. Most humans get their little dogs innoculated. As a matter of fact, other people must have read the same article. The animal hospital was full to the brim when Lady took me in this morning. She wouldn't let me walk on the floor or stay in there long. We left in a hurry and went back this afternoon when it wasn't crowded. I still have one red spot, so my White Coat wouldn't give me another Rabies vaccination, but he said if I am clear next week, he would give me the new shot. Just great. Well, I got stuck three more times today but guess what? I didn't cry even once! By the time we got home, I was too sore to climb the stairs. All I have to do is stop and look up at Lady all pathetic-like, and she picks me up! So, I will have to go back and get stuck once again, but I can tell Lady is not fooling around about this, so I won't fuss about it.
On the way home, Lady called her friend that lives in the city where the slaughter took place. She lives in the next county! She was at the animal hospital with her little dog, waiting to get the new innoculation. She told Lady that the new shot was required for all little dogs. If the officials came around and she didn't have the proof that her little dog had been innoculated, the unspeakable would happen, just as it did in the neighboring county. Lady was glad to hear her human friend's little dog was safe. So was I!
Last night, Lady and I took our guests for a foot massage. You know how I love that! Well, she had given Micah a little stuffed dog that I know for a fact had been given to me for my birthday. Lady never let me have it because she said it had pellets in it, whatever they are. She gave it instead to the little human. Micah brought it with him to the foot massage place. He was playing with his blocks and paying no attention to the stuffed toy dog, so... I got caught when Micah found the stuffing I pulled out. Lady had to promise to buy him a new stuffed dog so he'd stop crying. Well, after all, it was MY gift! Lady cut it open and pulled out all the pellets and gave it back to me. I'm happy.
Little humans sure cry a lot. Micah threw a major temper tantrum today! Made my ears hurt. I hid. Lady made fried cheese for lunch but her guests didn't like it except for Kristin. She loves cheese! So do I! Lady has had ot exercise a certain amount of tolerance with her guests as they cook meat and even blood in her pots and pans that have never had meat cooked in them. She wouldn't allow me to eat any of the blood, and I can't have pork, mutton, or duck, either, according to my White Coat. I'm a Pedigree Dog Chow Dog, according to Lady. But, I will take meat any chance I get!! My poor vegetarian Lady. I think it is driving her nuts to see meat on our table!
Well, I am going to have a rest now. My hiney is really sore.

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