Saturday, July 08, 2006

Jeremiah took this photo of me this morning. It is still raining. Last night, Lady carried me under her umbrella to the foot massage parlor. She doesn't like me to get all muddy, then jump on the furniture for my massage. Well, it was still raining when we headed for home. She thought I would just step right out there in the rain! Even though I was wearing my Pooh coat, I was having none of that. I wouldn't budge. I have enough sense to get out of the rain! So, Lady carried me home. SHe tried to put me down near our gate so I could take care of business, but I refused to budge. I am no dummy. I have a good deal here getting carried in the rain! The teachers say I am spoiled, but not rotten. What does that mean? Posted by Picasa

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