Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dragon Boat Festival

Yesterday was the Dragon Boat Festival. It is a special day in China. Our friends all gathered with their families and had special foods to commemorate the day. Sticky rice, meat filled buns, and dumplings are among the special treats. Every year, friends give us zongzi (sticky rice) to eat. Check below for my photo. A poet, Qu Yuan, was in such despair when his ideas were not appreciate by the leaders in his own country that he threw himself in the river. To keep the fish from eating his body, the people fed them sticky rice. In river cities, many races are held in long wooden boats with dragon heads carved on them. We didn't have any boat races in our city, but a boat sure would have been handy. It has been raining for days. Lady and I were soaked to the skin last night. You will be happy to hear she has been spot free for a couple of days.

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