Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Left Behind

Last Friday, as they were climbing the mountain, Belle invited Lady and I to visit a beautiful scenic spot with her and her husband. Lady rushed home to shower, change, and pack for both of us. An hour later we were standing outside our gate packed and ready to go. Then it happened. Goldie called and said I shouldn't go because Lady was being hosted by the county. That's the CHinese way-for a third party to tell you the bad news. She said Judy and Betty were waiting for me to come visit them again. So, I had no idea I wasn't going with Lady. We drove for a little while and stopped in front of Judy's building where I got out. Lady hugged me and handed my bag to little Betty. Wait a minute, I thought! Where are you going without me? This wasn't the plan!
I watched as Lady, Belle and Mr. Li drove away. Left behind.
The very next day, Judy and Betty took me to the park for English Corner. There was Lady! SHe told us all about the miles and miles of yellow flowers, and the tall, rocky mountains protruded from the yellow. She told us of the terraced mountainsides with ribbons of yellow. Buyi people were busy at work keeping bees, working their oxen preparing more fields, and sellin gtheir crafts and goods. Lady rode river rafts and saw cascading waterfalls and shoals. She rode along the mountainside on a mule and looked down on the winding river. The blue cloudless sky was warmed by the bright sun. She ate colored rice, and brought some back for me, but I was not impressed. Rice? So what if it is colored? It isn't meat. Lady noticed that my belly was quite full. Judy had already fed me a dinner of meat soup! Betty was out of school Friday because her teachers were celebrating Women's Day by taking a trip. So, I had plenty of attention.
Oh, well, maybe next time. After all, I'm just a little dog and I am really not much trouble!

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