Monday, January 23, 2006


First, I couldn't find my Pooh Bear. Then I couldn't find my water dish that's usually in the bathroom. To top it all off, my Pooh blanket was missing. I finally found them all in a bag by the front door. Of, course, I unpacked the bag. I found my treats, my baby wipes for cleaning my feet, my chew toys, my dogfood, my sweater, and my coat. I pulled them all out on the floor so I could find what I wanted. Lady wasn't very happy with me, but she didn't scold me. She packed everything back up and picked me up. She just held me and talked to me. She told me how much she loved me, and something about being a good boy. I gave her face a good cleaning. She has a big bag, too. It's full of her stuff. Just as I was thinking of unpacking Lady's bag, someone buzzed the gate. I jumped out of Lady's arms and ran to the door to see who was coming to see me. Lady opened the door so they wouldn't ring our doorbell. It makes me crazy. Finally they arrived! It was Belle, her husband and her daughter, home from college! I met her last night. I really like her. Her name is Grace and she is tall, but not as tall as Lady. Belle picked up my bag. Now I get it. I am going for a sleep over again! I know Lady will miss me. Lots of humans are going places. It's that time of year, Chinese Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival as they call it. 2006 is the Year of the Dog!! I thought every year was the year of the dog! It is at my house. Who's going to take care of my Lady? Well, her bag is packed. Someone must be coming to pick her up, too. Most of our friends are going to their hometowns to be with their families. Chinese New Year's Eve is Saturday night. The humans will have a special meal. The kids will get red envelopes with money inside! They will also get a new set of clothes. Lady got me a new coat! I wonder if I will get any red envelopes?
My little friend Kaylee came over today to play with me. She brought her mom, Linda, and her friend, Kate. She threw my Piglet for me. While no one was paying attention to me, I pulled the music box and stuffing out of Piglet. Time for lunch! We went to one of my favorite places, but Linda didn't order any meat. I can usually count on her to give me meat, but they had vegetable hot pot! Well, after lunch we went into a neighborhood shop by our home. Lady needed batteries. While she did her shopping, I did mine. They had a big box of meat-stuffed buns conveniently located on the floor! Delicious. Linda paid for the bun. Lady tried to get the paper off the bun. Minor detail.
We walked past the beauty salon where the little white/dyed blonde puppy lives. SHe came out as usual chasing after me but Lady scooped me up and carried me. I don't mind. The puppy looks awful. All the fur is gone on her head and around her eyes. Lady talked kindly to her but wouldn't let her lick me. She has big pink sores on her. She looks worse every day. She finally gave up and went home. So, Lady put me down and I walked home. Kaylee stayed and played with me for a while longer. When she annoys me, I crawl under the tea table for a little peace.
Since the kids have been out of school, some have been practicing with fireworks. I hate the loud noises. It scares me. I hope Belle and Grace don't do fireworks! After all, I am just a little dog, with little ears.

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