Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Lady's Birthday

It's Lady's birthday today! We celebrated by staying in the warm bed. That is, until my human grandparents called at 7:30 this morning! Lady had to leave the warm bed and go into the cold livingroom to answer the phone, but I stayed in bed! Later, her big brother called. He has a little black dog, too, only his dog has really long hair. He has to get groomed. I have no idea what that means.
After Lady talked with God, and read her favorite Book, we watched a movie. We had breakfast and a movie in bed! Lady received many text messages on her cell phone, phone calls, and e-mails wishing her a happy birthday. The kindergarten teachers took us out for lunch her in our neighborhood. Sometimes I go on vacation at Robin's, a Chinese English teacher. My other favorite, Angela, also came. They can be counted on to give me good stuff to eat. Lady was thrilled to have her favorite vegetable dishes, such as hot ans spicy tofu, pumpkin, spicy fried potatoes, and egg and tomato soup. I was thrilled to get fried pork and rice. I caused a bit of a scene when a long-haired white dog came into our area of the restaurant and tried to eat MY food. I let him (and everyone else in the restaurant) know in no uncertain terms that he was not welcome. He got kicked out because he was not with a human. He was not invited.
The teachers also gave Lady gifts and a birthday cake. One gift I think really must be for me. It is two little ceramic dogs vying for the same bone. I kept trying to pull it off the table, but Lady said it was hers. She usually shares her stuff, so maybe I will get it eventually. They all came back to our house for coffee and pictures. I only let Robin and Angela pick me up. I let the others who tried to pick me up know that I didn't know them well enough. They gave Lady some house slippers with red lips on them. In China, it is the custom for people to take off their shoes upon entering a home, and put on slippers. Since I don't wear any shoes, Lady carefully cleans my feet with baby wipes after coming inside before I can jump on the furniture, or get on the bed.
Lady's American friends took her out for dinner, but I didn't get to go. She had pizza and a coke float. She was very excited that our good friends have returned from the states just last night. Yesterday, we went to their apartment to get it ready for them. I had to wait on the mat while Lady dropped off groceries. I can't wait to see my little human friends, Little Girl, Bigger Girl, and Boy. They can't wait ot see me either! Lady was so happy to have a homemade chocolate cake. One of our friends made it. Of course, I am not allowed to have chocolate, so I will help myself to the Chinese birthday cake.
Tomorrow night, I get to go to dinner with Lady and her Chinese friends from English Corner. Afterwards, they will go to the nearby hot springs to swim. I'll go home and wait for Lady. On cold days, she leaves a heater (a safe one) on for me, because after all, I am just a little dog, and I get cold.

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