Thursday, January 19, 2006


Lady and I often walk across the highway from our neighborhood and hike through a very poor and wooded area. The hills are dotted with more tombs like the ones I showed you yesterday. We used to talk with the people who lived there, many of who made their living going through trash cans to get recyclable materials. But all that has changed. Bulldozers have torn down the trees and buildings, making way for a fancy new housing development. We've been watching the progress for months. Only a few of the old buildings are left. We don't know where the people went. Workers have erected make-shift shacks to take their daily naps in, and to prepare meals. As we walk around, workers and bosses stare at us. Some laugh, and make comments about us. One of the bosses asked Lady how much she paid for me. She told him, "400 yuan," which is about $50 - a real bargain in her mind! The man wanted to buy me! Can you believe it? As if Lady would ever willingly part with me! Besides, his offer was much too low!
Everytime we walk through the area, a few more trees are gone, and more buildings in their place, but the old Buddhist temple remains. The huge, fat idol is plainted in gold leaf. Incense burns in front of it, along with offerings of fruit. As the new buildings go up, it is looking more and more like an oasis. I just water all the plants around it, and move on.
Our neighborhood is on the outskirts of the city, but it is expanding rapidly. It is an economic development zone. Across from our neighborhood is a car dealership! Many new condominiums are going up and replacing the countryside. Some of them are built by the factories for their workers. This is very common. Most humans live where they work, or in condominiums own by their company. So many changes in the last two years! I just enjoy taking the daily walks with Lady and exploring the area. After all, I am just a little dog, and I need my exercise.

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